At this stage your child is starting to walk and gain confidence in their balance and movement. They are constantly on the move and there is never a dull moment.

In this video we look at 3 areas development that you as a parent or caregiver can focus on – physical, emotional and cognitive.

  1. Physical Development
  • By this time we should be starting to see your baby walking. Its important that we help encourage this active movement, especially if they haven’t yet hit this developmental milestone.
  • Provide toys that your baby can push around and use to help them as they gain confidence and balance.
  • Active play is an essential part of daily life for your baby at this stage of their development. Go outside to kick and throw a ball around. Run around on the grass in the backyard or at the park, to encourage your baby to do the same.
  • At this age we don’t want to encourage the use of screen time. Keep it at a minimum.

2. Emotional Development

  • Reward good behaviour with consistent praises.
  • Tell your baby what you want them to do, not what they shouldn’t be doing, again reinforcing good behaviour.
  • Describe and talk through emotions with your baby. Even though at this stage their brain hasn’t developed the ability to process emotions appropriately.

3. Cognitive Development

  • Pretend play is excellent in encouraging creativity and imagination with your child.
  • Books filled with animals, shapes, numbers are a great way for your baby to start learning.
  • Puzzles with large shapes for appropriate for this age where they can learn to put things together.
  • Point to things when walking or driving. Encourage them to point to things and then describe them.
  • Rhymes and clapping games are also a wonderful learning tool and lots of fun.
  • Your baby will be starting to say more and more words so keep encouraging them.  Lots of consistent chatting with them and involve them in your conversations.