These 5 exercises encourage the use of both sides of the brain and work to improve your child’s coordination.

In order for your child to learn and develop optimally, it’s important that both sides of the brain are communicating. The following movements are important for your child to be able to do before they start school. Poor coordination/movement skills are linked with learning difficulties or delays. It is also important to remember that movement and learning occur in the same part of the brain so by improving one aspect it has a flow on effect to the other.

If your child has any issues with any of the following exercises, then they should be practicing these daily to help prime the movements. If you find your child is not advancing will with some of the exercise that they are struggling with, then they will benefit greatly from our Connecting Kids program.

The video below shows detailed instructions on each exercise. Please go to our informative video on our Connecting Kids program for further information if you think your child needs help in refining certain areas of their learning.

Test your child and see how they go:


on the spot or down the length of the house/backyard. They need to move opposite arm and leg in unison.

2. Wheelbarrows

Great exercise to do with siblings outside or inside but make sure you have a lot of space.

3. Superman extension

Have child lie on the floor on their stomach. Start with getting child to lift head and chest off the floor. Progress to move to arms off the floor with head and chest.

Final progression move head, chest, arms and legs off the ground into a superman stance.

4. Skipping

Moving opposite arm and leg in unison when skipping- make sure they have plenty of space.

5. Heel to toe

Walk in a straight line- bringing heel to touch toe before taking next step.