5 Ways to Reduce Stress during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great change and unknown for many women. With the impending arrival of a newborn, the experience of labour and also significant changes that your body goes through can produce feelings of stress and anxiety. It vitally important during pregnancy to reduce stress and focus on ways to help deal with it when stressful situations arise.

Research has shown that emotional states directly affect an unborn child’s developing nervous system. From our thoughts flow chemical reactions which may cause positive or negative physiological changes. Particular organs are stimulated which produce and release hormones to help our body deal with stress. These hormones can cross the placental barrier which can have an adverse reaction to your developing baby.

It’s important to look after your mental wellbeing during pregnancy, just as it’s important to look after your physical health. When you are feeling well, content and happy, you are better able to manage stress. Chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy allow a mother to function in a state of greater emotional wellbeing.

Chiropractic adjustments release chemicals such as dopamine and certain types of endorphins are released which offer a sense of wellbeing.

Other studies have shown that people receiving chiropractic care are less affected by stress, have more energy, think more clearly and have a greater quality of life. (Well Adjusted Babies, J.Barham-Floreani, chap 3)

Take time out for yourself during pregnancy and put it in place some tools to help you when your having periods of stress.

Mindfulness and meditation

Some good things to do during this time are:

1. Mindfulness and meditation Mind the Bump App – helping with mindfulness during pregnancy helping you to meditate and release stress. 2. Breathing exercises to reduce stress Helps increase feelings of calm and wellbeing Decrease levels of stress hormones

3. Exercise regularly during pregnancy

4. Get adequate rest

5. Talk through your fears and feelings that are causing you anxiety and stress

And remember to get your spine checked by a chiropractor.