We know that 80% of the population will suffer with low back pain sometime in their life. However, when the pain is chronic in nature and is associated with leg pain, then this situation affects peoples day to day lives.

In this video Dr. Lisa, chiropractor, goes through a case study of a 23 year old female with severe, chronic low back and leg pain that has been present for 5 years. She had seen a chiropractor before she saw a Chiropractic BioPysics (CBP) practitioner.

CBP is a system of spinal rehabilitative care that aims to restore the spinal alignment as close to the ideal curves as possible. The Harrison spine model is used to assess the curves on X-rays and if a person is a candidate for care, then a multimodal approach is taken. This includes special mirror image adjustments®, traction, and mirror image exercises® to improve spinal alignment, along with regular chiropractic care to improve spinal joint function. CBP is the most researched area in spinal rehabilitation.

In this case the 23 year old was diagnosed, using MRI with a moderate sized central disc protrusion at L5/S1. Her reflexes were mildly affected and she tested positive to some disc orthopaedic tests. The pain was rated a 5/10 on a 10 point numerical rating scale, with 10/10 being no pain. The problem also affected her sleep. Her lumbar lordosis (low back curve) measured at 25 degrees. The ideal lumbar lordosis is 40 degrees.

After her CBP course of treatment, the 23 year old was not experiencing any leg pain and her pain had drastically diminished to a 9/10. The low back curve had improved to 36degrees, an eleven degree increase in curve. Her reflexes and orthopaedic tests results were negative.

This documented case of symptomatic improvement in the back and leg pain of a person with a diagnosed disc herniation is one of many. CBP has a big role to play in preventing and managing symptoms related to changes in spinal curves. This is not to say that all disc cases will be helped with CBP, however it is a great place to start. Surgery should be the last option in looking after spinal health, and CBP has a lot to offer many people who have similar issues to this case.

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Reference: Paulk GP, Harrison DE Management of a chronic lumbar disc herniation with chiropractic biophysics methods after failed chiropractic manipulative intervention JMPT Nov/Dec 2004