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Babies & Children Chiropractic

When our children learn to walk they fall several times a day, as they get older they fall off couches head first, fall off bikes and monkey bars. Sometimes these accidents cause spinal misalignments.

Our spines are like the central communications channel from our brain to our bodies. The nerves in and around the spine link it to all the major organs around the body.  If the spine is damaged or irritated by falls and accidents, then messages may not be able to get through as easily to the areas which needs them.


Chiropractic care can give your child’s spine the best opportunity to grow strong and healthy, enabling them to move well and have an active lifestyle.


Improved spinal health can relieve pain, improve function and alignment and allow your child’s body to perform as designed. As all the body's function, from movement to growth and repair are controlled by the nerve system, a properly aligned spine gives our children the best chance to be healthy


School Readiness Program

As parents we want to see that our children are healthy, socialise and are switched on to learn and respond to their environment. As care givers, chiropractors want the same for children in our practice and communities, because these children will grow up and make decisions about their life and our lives too.

Sometimes our children struggle with socialising or learning and parents don't know what to do.

At Errol Street Chiropractic we run a one on one School Readiness Program that assesses how the nerve system is tracking and if there are areas of concern a specialised program is developed to assist the child in their development physically and cognitively.

Are you interested in getting your baby or child’s spine checked or wish to one of our chiropractors to give you more information on our School Readiness Program, then call us at 9329 1118

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