Our thoughts determine our beliefs which in turn determine our actions and behaviours.

We often don’t think about how accurate or real the negative thoughts are in our head. Try answering these questions when a negative thought keeps popping into your mind: It will help to change your thoughts to help change your mindset.

What is the thought you would like to question? 

What evidence is there that this thought is accurate?  

Is this evidence based on facts or your feelings?

Could you be misinterpreting the evidence or making any unverified assumptions? 

Would other people have different interpretations of the same situation? If so, what might they think?

Where did this thought came from? Who may have passed it onto you? Are they a valuable source? 

1. Mindful exercise

Your mind only allows you to have one thought at a time (yes even for women) therefore any current thought is eliminated by the proceeding one. Negative thoughts can instigate and overcome a positive feeling, just as positive thought can quickly eliminate a negative feeling.

Think of yourself as a Dietician of your own mind. The process of clearing out your negative thinking is the same as how a dietician would treat you if you had allergies or sensitivities to certain foods. They would detect foods that adversely affect your body (negativity)- then advise you to eliminate them by substituting them with healthier options so your body can regain its natural strength. You will then operate much more effectively.

We are all naturally healthy if we rid ourselves of these negative foods as much as we are all naturally worthy if we rid ourselves of destructive thoughts. If you detect select and eliminate the thoughts that adversely affect your feelings, you’ll be on the way to feeling better about yourself.

2. Mindful Exercise

Every time you hear yourself speaking negatively about yourself, delete the negative thought and replace it with something positive. E.g. Im not worthy of a loving relationship, which is something you don’t want to be, to something you want to be such as, I am worthy of a loving relationship.

Observe your communication with yourself for a week. On a daily basis write down how many positive and negative thoughts and visualisations you had.

  • List all the benefit you are going to have and experience by having more self-worth. Also include the benefits other people may have by you being a lot more energized and alive. List at least 100 benefits.
  • Set up trigger points in the house like a symbol or a saying on the fridge and in other places of the house that makes you feel good.

 You can change the way you feel and behave by refocusing your thoughts. Give it a go.