Is There a Spinal Corrective Technique that may Improve QUALITY OF LIFE?

(increase lifespan, reduce pain and increase vitality)  A case study.

A case study was published in the Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine. It showed how Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) helped to improve the neck and back pain experienced by a 35 year old woman. More so it showed how the CBP had a positive impact on the quality of her life. It assessed telomere length and autonomic function.

In our office we get several people a week, coming to us with neck and back pain. Most of these people come to us because they are not getting the results they are after with other forms of therapy. Often we are the ‘last resort’. In these cases, it is because they have been under diagnosed with what we call vertebral subluxation. This is form of bio-mechanical dysfunction, where spinal joints are stuck and not moving properly. This lack of joint movement will have implications, such as increasing the load and tension on the nerve system that the spine encases.

When the neck or spine are not functioning well then we can see changes in joint movement or/ and changes in posture. This will be seen as translations or rotation of the spine and its posture, away from the normal spinal alignment. This can occur in three planes, sagittal, coronal and transverse planes.

With Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) we work on correcting the changes in the curves towards a healthy spinal alignment. This can alleviate the associated pain or nerve irritation. CBP is full spine and poor posture rehabilitation. CBP has a proven treatment approach, it is the most researched area in corrective spinal care in the world and has numerous quality published papers to prove it. As a certified CBP office we have lots of research support and that translates into a very much result driven approach to improving spinal and nerve system health.

The CBP approach involves Posture Screen Analysis, x-ray analysis and spinal functional analysis, to detect the subluxations.

CBP rehabilitation involves;

  • mirror image ®exercise
  • mirror image adjustments®
  • spinal traction 
  • home traction with the Denneroll orthotics.                                                                                                  The evidence is abundant in the positive affects this form of care has on the spinal and postural correction. This care has been shown to improve some related nerve issues, spinal movement and improvements in lifestyle.


35 year old primary school teacher with a history of 5 years neck and mid back pain measuring a 5/10 on a numeric rating scale. She also complained of polyuria, or frequency in urination at night.
























SF-36 results before and after CBP care. Ideal score is 100.

PF = physical functioning, ERL = emotional role limitations V= vitality EWB =emotional well being SF=social functioning P = pain GH= general health

Xray analysis was undertaken, SF-36 health and wellness survey was given, autonomic test was included using HRV (heart rate variability). The X-rays indicated a loss of normal forward curve of 40 degrees to 18.8 degrees. The HRV demonstrated that the subject was in a state of sympathetic dominance, her system was in a stressed state. The other interesting part of the study was the assessment of the telomere length. This measured at 73.

The telomere length is an indication of how well the cells are replicating and is an bio-indicator for ageing. As we get older our telomeres shorten. Slowing down how quickly the telomeres shorten will help longevity. Studies show that inflammatory conditions, stress, smoking, nerve degeneration and excess alcohol consumption negatively impact telomere length. Activities such as meditation, good diet and exercise increase telomere length and helps us turn back the clock.


The subject had 36 visits over a 5 month period.

This included  mirror image® exercises, adjustments and traction to correct the neck curve. There was a home orthotic called a Cervical Denneroll that was used for 15 minutes a day.


  • The patient’s SF-36 had improved.
  • Her HRV test results were now in the normal range and not in the stressed range.
  • The telomere length had improved by 8.23%.
  • The post x-ray showed an improvement in the neck curve from 18.8degrees to 27.0degrees.
  • Her head shift forward had improved from 24.0mm to 17.7mm.
  • The patient’s pain had virtually disappeared and her sleep had improved as she was not getting up several times a night to go to the bathroom anymore.


“Chiropractic care is popularly known as care for neck and back pain. However, this does not explain the neurological and visceral implications within this report. Conduction of an action potential along the spinal cord and nerve fibers is accompanied by shortening and swelling of the nerve [46]. Sagittal cervical deformities and vertebral subluxations are orthopedic abnormalities that apply abnormal tensile forces in the brain stem, cranial nerves 5-12, spinal cord, and nerve roots. This increased tension provides resistance against the necessary shortening and swelling of nerve fibers that accompany an action potential. This tension can give rise to local and distant signs and symptoms including neuralgias, spasticity, dizziness, bladder dysfunction, cervical and lumbar spondylosis, disk hernias, trauma to the spinal cord, and autoimmune disorders [23-26,32,33,47]. This serves as a proposed mechanism for the source of this patient’s health conditions due to their resolution following sagittal cervical spinal correction. According to Uchida et al, “adequate correction of local sagittal (cervical) alignment may help to maximize the chance of neurological improvement” [48]. Additionally, patients under long-term chiropractic care demonstrate higher serum thiol antioxidant levels responsible for reducing oxidative stress on the body, facilitating DNA repair enzyme activity which is directly related to health longevity [49].”

Fedorchuk C, Lightstone DF, McCoy M, Harrison DE (2017) Increased Telomere Length and Improvements in Dysautonomia, Quality of Life, and Neck and Back Pain Following Correction of Sagittal Cervical Alignment Using Chiropractic BioPhysics® Technique: a Case Study. J Mol Genet Med 11: 269 doi:10.4172/1747-0862.1000269