Our Connecting Kids program is designed to help your child thrive in their learning and development.

OUR GOAL is to assess different areas of the brain through specific tests and then prescribe appropriate exercises that will help to rebalance the brain and the nervous system. The testing and ‘homework’ are fun and engaging for the child, encouraging them to complete the program.

The brain is made up of 2 hemispheres – the right and left. We don’t rely on just one side of the brain for anything- all tasks are a result of cooperation between both hemispheres with the integration of information by the connection point.

We need to encourage both sides of the brain to communicate and cooperate well, this begins early on when your child begins crawling. We also need to make sure that both sides of the brain are coordinating together as your child grows and moves towards school age. This is vitally important for the development of all learning skills, including behaviour, concentration and control of emotions.

Primitive reflexes are developed in the womb and help the foetus develop movements necessary for survival. An example of a primitive reflex is the startle reflex (Moro). Primitive reflexes integrate during the first 12-18 months of life to allow important developmental milestones occur. These reflexes may not integrate properly, or for some unknown reason, these can switch back on at times in children. If any of these reflexes are present, when they should be integrated, then this can affect a child’s ability to read, write, concentrate, coordinate movement and control emotions appropriately.

All these aspects we assess are important for your child to thrive and work at their optimal level at school. It is important to test these different areas if your child is having some difficulty at school or struggling with concentration, behaviour or controlling emotions. It can be common to see some of these reflexes retained in children who have been diagnosed with ADHD or a learning delay.

Our Connecting Kids program consists of an assessment of the different areas of the brain and primitive reflexes. Movement and cognitive learning occur in the same part of the brain. You can help cement the pathways of reading, spelling, concentrating and behaving by moving. This is where brain stimulating exercises come in. Dependent on the areas that need refining we create a specific program for your child to help these areas of the brain and integrate any primitive reflexes that may be present.

Children Chiropractic adjustments are also incorporated into care to help the body and brain communicate at the highest level.

This program is ultimately focused at making sure your child is Happy, Healthy, thriving at school and at home – being the best that they can be!