How you value yourself determines the relationship you will attract.   

If you are deficient in self-worth/love, it’s virtually impossible to attract the relationship you want, and more so unlikely to sustain it.

The amount of love we feel is dependent on the value we place on ourselves through our worthiness. This will determine how -emotionally open you can be in giving and receiving.

 So……….. what sort of relationship do you have with yourself? Do you respect who you are? Do you talk and treat yourself in loving ways?

 Are you aware of the level of your self-worth? If you are aware, how worthy are you and how do you know? Think about that for a minute.Why is it so important to know your level of worthiness?  

Your level of worthiness has affected all your relationships up to now. Not only your intimate relationships but also your relationships with the world including family, friends, and work. This happens because our self-worthiness/self-esteem affects how we think, what we believe, how we act and therefore how we relate to other people.

Your level of self-worth WILL influence the choices you make and therefore determine which actions you will take.

Have you noticed that the people around you who have a high sense of self-worth are generally treated with respect? And of course, the opposite occurring for those with a low sense of self? 

So not only does your level of self-worth determine what relationship you have with yourself and others but it will also determine what the intimate relationship you will attract into your life.

 Are you starting to see the importance of worthiness?

 So, how fulfilled are you?

 How open are you to give love?

Are you worthy enough to receive it.

Let’s find out…..

Simply click the link below, scroll down to the worthiness questionnaire and follow the steps.

Take your time with the exercise and enjoy the journey.