Our pelvic floor is made up of layers of muscle and other tissue. It stretches like a hammock from the tailbone to the pubic bone at front.

These layers of muscle help to support the bladder, uterus and bowel. A strong pelvic floor is important for bowel and bladder control.

In pregnancy it is important to train pelvic floor muscles to help the body cope with the weight of growing baby. Healthy and strong muscles before baby is born can ensure things mend more easily after the birth.

As  important as strengthening these muscles is, relaxing your pelvic floor is equally important especially during pregnancy.

By training strength in the pelvic muscles you develop an awareness of where they are so that during labour you can relax them.  As when the baby is crowning during labour your muscles need to relax. This will help give you the best chance of a natural birth without the use of intervention. A relaxed pelvic floor can also help prevent tearing or episiotomy.

Research conducted by New Zealand chiropractors have shown that chiropractic adjustments to the low back during pregnancy relax the pelvic floor at rest.

This great evidence helps to show how important chiropractic care is during pregnancy in relaxing pelvic floor – chiropractic has a role to play in assisting the birth process.

Pelvic floor training during pregnancy brings more blood to the area which promotes better circulation. A better blood supply to the area means these muscles will be able to stretch more during labour which can help with a quicker healing post birth.

Strong pelvic floor can prevent hemorrhoids and also constipation as there won’t be as much fear post birth with using your bowels.

It also prevents the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction which are common for many women after pregnancy ie. urinary incontinence or frequent urination.

So how do you work on strengthening your pelvic floor?

Simple daily exercises that work to contract and relax the muscles.

Lying on your back breathing naturally.

Your pelvic floor muscles run around your urethra, vagina and anus- when you contract these muscles you should feel a tightening and lifting up inside.

Imagine your trying to zip up the fly of your pants using these muscles.

Tighten and lift – hold for 3 seconds.           

Rest for 6 and repeat 3 times. This is 1 set                             

Try for 5 sets each day

Build up reps each set as you get more comfortable and aware of your pelvic floor.

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