At this stage of a baby’s development we are starting to see them getting more active and learning to move on their own and control these movements.

During this time it’s important that we encourage active movement for baby, so they can continue to thrive in all aspects of their development and growth.


  • Encourage to sit unsupported
  • Tummy time – playing with toys on tummy
  • Continue to encourage rolling – help your baby roll on the floor
  • Encourage baby to actively move and reach for toys
  • Baby may start to crawl – encourage cross crawl movement of crawling by moving opposite arm and leg on all 4s

All 4s rocking exercise – Go to our previous video on the website which will instruct you on how to do this at home with your baby. 


  • Play on the floor with baby everyday
  • Talk and play, try and talk about the toys you are playing with
  • Blocks – feel shapes and colours and explain them as you play
  • Read books
  • Point to things and talk with your baby. Great to do if your outside walking or driving in the car.


  • Praise your baby regularly. This helps to create an emotional connection and helps with the development of neural pathways in the brain.
  • Cuddles and kisses everyday
  • Continue to keep daily routines, structure is important for children as they develop.