Parents – do you need help at home with your child’s development?

Have you considered whether they might be more Right or Left brain oriented in their learning?

We use all of our brain processing information but children tend to display characteristics associated with the different sides of the brain. By knowing the difference in the 2 hemispheres of the brain it allows us to best direct activities that are best for priming that specific area of the brain.

So what is the difference in function between the left and right sides of the brain?

 Left hemisphere dominant tend to be:

  • Logical and reasonable
  • Analytical
  • Good at Mathematics
  • Good at language and processing
  • Detailed in orientation
  • Factual
  • Learn better in a auditory style of teaching, learn well with instructions
  • Learn best with numbers and words
  • Like structure and focus on details
  • Express themselves in wordsGood at memorisation and learn best by repetition

 Right hemisphere dominant tend to be:

  • Creative
  • maginative
  • Calm relaxed
  • In tune with emotions, self and others
  • Musical
  • Arty
  • Learn best in an unstructured environment
  • Can be impulsive
  • Thrive in environments that involve discussion, interaction and involvement
  • Learn best in pictures, objects than words or numbers

So what type of activities should your child be doing if they need to strengthen a certain hemisphere of the brain? 

Right Hemisphere strengthening activities involve:

  • Art
  • Drawing
  • Music
  • Socialising
  • Creativity with crafts, design

Left Hemisphere strengthening activities involve:

  • Word puzzles- crosswords, word finds
  • chess/checkers
  • Reading
  • Sudoku
  • And movement!!!

By moving one side of the body it stimulates the opposite side of the brain. Movement is key for learning development.

We have great videos on our website that will run you through great movement chiropractic exercises you can do with your child to enhance their learning. Make sure to check them out. 

In order for you to find out if your child is left or right oriented in their personality and learning- Take our short quiz so you can implement the correct specific exercises to help strengthen your child’s brain development. 

If you answer yes to majority of the questions your child is Right brain dominant.. 

  1. Does your child struggle to memorise facts?
  2. Is your child spontaneous? Rarely plans ahead
  3. Does your child struggle with mathematical problems?
  4. Is your child sensitive to emotions and attitudes of others?
  5. Does your child have a good photographic memory?
  6. Is your child a daydreamer?
  7. Do they enjoy free play where they can use their imagination?
  8. Does your child like to talk and discuss while learning?
  9. Does your child like to do hands on , interactive projects?
  10. Does your child work well with noise, music or activity in the background?
  11. Does your child learn better by demonstration than explanation?
  12. Does your child lose track of time easily?
  13. Does your child enjoy art, drawing, colouring?
  14. Does your child struggle to keep room tidy and organised?
  15. Is your child musical?