In this video we will go through one of the most important tips for pregnancy. This advice is rarely given and can possibly make the difference to someone hoping for a natural delivery.

Maternal posture and positioning is important to be aware of throughout pregnancy but after 28 weeks it’s especially important. Between 28-32 weeks babies start to turn head first into the pelvic cavity.

During this time it is preferable that the baby moves into the optimal birthing position, that is head down and with their spine against the mother’s belly.

The 3rd trimester is a time of rapid growth of the baby. As the baby becomes heavier, it’s vital pregnant women maintain postures which encourage baby to stay in the favourable position.

From 28 weeks ……

  •  Avoid reclined/ slumped positions such as leaning back on couch or car seats  as this can rotate the babies spine away from the mother’s belly.
  • Forward leaning over the couch poof, exercise ball or stool help encourage baby’s spine to be against the mother’s belly. Pregnant women find this a very relaxing posture.
  •  Straddling a chair backwards, sitting upright, sitting on a Swiss ball will encourage baby into an anterior position.
  • Sit with hips higher than knees
  • Sit  with straight back, shoulders back and rib cage lifted
  • Use a firm exercise ball. allow hips to be level with knees or higher. Great to use at work, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.

 Focusing on positions during pregnancy is important but alone is usually not enough to ensure good foetal position by the time of labour. It is important for pregnant women to have chiropractic care during this time to balance the uterus and pelvis.