The words that we use have power. We can become more aware of the words we use for ourselves. This exercise helps you to do just that.

Be mindful of what words you put after “I” and “I am” as what we choose to put after them will start to shape our lives. Ensure that whatever words you choose to put in front of “I” and “I am” are congruent with your goals or outcomes in life.

For example: “I am worthy of a great career” creates harmony with what it is you were looking for opposed to “I will never find the right job”. The words, ”I will never find the right job” will push you further and further away from finding the right job.

A classic example we hear a lot is “I will never find the right partner, they don’t exist”. Not only does the affirmation push our goal further away, but it reduces the possibility of it ever happening.


Its impossible to create something you don’t believe exists.