At this time we will start to see baby build up speed with their movement.

They most likely will be crawling during this time and by 12 months very efficient with their movement and possibly starting to walk.

It is also a time where baby will start to use more words and notice more of their surroundings. Their brains are like a sponge, taking everything in.



  • Continue to encourage baby to crawl on all 4’s before they start walking
  • Place baby close to furniture to encourage them to stand up
  • If they are starting to walk, they will have a wide stance as they learn to find their balance. Try to have rugs and soft surfaces around to help with their balance and speed of walking.



  • Describe to baby what they are looking at
  • Read, sing, chat
  • Use words to tell baby what comes next
  • Build on what your baby says or points to
  • Play with blocks, shapes, encourage baby to use hands
  • Turn activities of daily living into learning



  • Ask for behaviour, rather than telling them not what to do
  • Teach cause and effect. A fun way to do this playing with balls rolling back and forth. As baby starts to develop more skills they will continue to learn the cause and effect of their actions which is important for their emotional and brain development.
  • Learn limits, firm but gentle no
  • Praise, lots of hugs and kisses
  • Include baby at meal times. It’s great to make baby a part of the mealtime routine as much as often as it helps infant development good behaviour around mealtimes and food.

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