No one told Rocco that after 25 years of suffering with chronic disease that he could reverse it.

This is part 2 of Rocco’s story. In part one he spoke about what the motivating factor was in changing his mindset and getting on this health journey that has resulted in him:

  1. REVERSING his diabetes
  2. losing 35kg along the way
  3. meditating regular
  4. exercising regular

This inspirational man has done that in 18months, and ALL ON HIS OWN. Find out in this video how he has done it:

  • what is he eating
  • is he fasting
  • how long is he meditating for
  • what sort of exercise is he doing

Please share his story to help others.

Disclaimer: Errol Street Chiropractic has the permission of Rocco to view this video and share his story. If you have a chronic disease do not stop any medication before consulting your practitioner.