This visualisation technique has been shown to help many people to relax the mind before going to sleep. The technique is called ‘reversing your day’. 
This can be done before you go to bed or whilst you are in bed. 

Reversing your Day Technique: 
Visualise your day from where you are now in reverse. Slowly go back through your day and night in 15 minute to half hour increments. Notice who you spoke to, what you did, what foods you ate and so on. As you’re going back and noticing try to observe in the detached way. The objective of this exercise is to let go of the day as you notice it. Just observe and let go.  
Go all the way back to when you woke up in the morning and notice how you felt waking up. Were you rushing around or were you relaxed and looking forward to your day? Some people experience going all the way back to the beginning of the day and others actually fall asleep during the process. Most claim that it relaxes them as they let go of the day during the visualisation. 
 Some other techniques to relax the body and mind before sleep.  

  • Listen to music, something gentle is best
  • Reading light novels or inspirational books
  • Remembering something special that you experienced in the past that inspired you and brings back  happiness as you remember. This can change the way that you feel almost instantly. How you feel before you go to sleep is what you take with you during your sleep.  So make it as relaxed and positive as you can. 
  • Do a guided relaxation meditation as this helps to clear the mind and relax the body 
    If you want to experience a guided relaxation meditation then email Frank LaMacchia at and he will send you a free downloadable relaxation guided meditation 
    Enjoy your sleeping journey