Welcome Dr. Alvin

It has been wonderful to be able to welcome Dr. Alvin Or (chiropractor) to Errol Street Chiropractic in North Melbourne recently.

Alvin grew up in Hong Kong, studied his last two years of high school in Sydney and completed his five year Chiropractic degree in Australia. He then moved back to Hong Kong and worked for four years in a chiropractic office.

What does Alvin do in his spare time?

Other than working, Alvin loves tennis, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

What techniques does Alvin use?

Dr. Alvin has been trained to manually adjust, using a variety of techniques, including Gonstead and Diversified. These techniques are used gently to improve movement in any areas of the spine that are stuck, or as we chiropractors say, subluxated.

Our chiropractors also work in a spinal curve corrective technique called Chiropractic BioPhysics. This protocol of care is drug free and natural way to improve posture and spinal alignment, using science and research.

So, if you see him around, please be sure to welcome Dr. Alvin to Errol Street Chiropractic. He will be taking over Dr. Lisa’s Tuesday and Thursday shifts, and will continue to provide excellence in the level of care he provides to all who see him.

All the best to Alvin! We all look forward to you settling in and making a big difference to the lives of the local people here in North Melbourne. 

Lisa Smycz, director and principal chiropractor at Errol Street Chiropractic Centre


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