This video Dr. Lisa chats with Frank La Macchia, who is a holistic counsellor and meditation teacher. We asked him to give us three tips to reduce stress in every day life. He shares 3 ways that we can reduce stress and enjoy our lives more. These include :Music, Laughter and Breath awareness.

1. MUSIC: Frank is also a musician and hence his love for music. He strongly feels that as music has helped him over the years, that it will be the first tip of the three tips to reduce stress. When we feel our mind needs calming, then listening to some music that we love, helps us to stop thinking those thoughts that keep going over and over in our minds.

2. LAUGHTER: Put on a funny film, listen to some funny videos on social media and get your mind of those negative or overwhelming thoughts. Laughter helps to release some of those feel good hormones, called endorphins and will help to lift your mood.

Obviously when we partake in listening to music or watching a funny film we are escaping our own thoughts. These two suggestions will not fix a life problem, but will give you a break and sometimes calming your mind will give you space and time for you to see a problem from a different perspective. These simple activities can be extremely beneficial.

3. BREATH AWARENESS. Breath awareness meditation is the oldest meditation method used in China and India and is usually taught to beginners. To do this exercise, place your hands on your abdominal area. Breathe in and out slowly through your nose or, alternatively, out through your mouth. Feel your hands rise and fall as you inhale and exhale. (See video)

Feel the natural flow of breath in the nostrils and the expansion and contraction of the abdomen. Notice the breath as it comes in and goes out and the feeling of each coming and going. Repeat this for the duration of your meditation. Begin this exercise by lying down on a floor or bed.

These three tips to reduce stress may seem simple and basic, but they will help. So give them a go and remember that stress can be a daily occurence and these tips will help if they are practiced daily.

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