30 minute Spine Exercise routine with Dr. Lisa


This 30 minute spine exercise program has been put together by Dr. Lisa, chiropractor. This program can help with core strength and spinal flexibility and assist in supporting any spinal work that we are doing, and in fact, that any spinal practitioner is doing. The 30 minutes  workout is not only suitable for people having spinal work, but for those who need to strengthen and work on their spine. Not all people have personal trainers, or go to the gym – this program can be handy for those in this category.

Give the program a go. Take it easy and work at your own pace. Dr. Lisa is in her fifties here, and has a moderate level of fitness.

The 30 minute spine exercise program goes through:

  • Gentle warm up
  • Core work out and includes squats, lunges, pushups, planks
  • Mid back strengthening exercises
  • Arm exercises
  • Low back stretches
  • Mid back stretches
  • Neck stretches

The only equipment needed for this 30 minute spine exercise routine is a Thera-Band. You can add hand weights to the program. Wear appropriate attire, including runners, that are comfortable and supportive. You will see Dr. Lisa using a yoga mat to do some exercises and stretches on. The mat helps with grip during lunges, however, it is not necessary. Doing the work out on tiles or floor boards is suitable and stretching at the end of the work out, on a rug is fine. 

Please remember to stop any exercise if pain is felt and consult your practitioner. If your squat technique needs help then CLICK HERE to watch a video on ‘how to’ do a perfect squat.

For more information on how important a strong core is in low back issues then CLICK HERE.

Lisa Smycz, director

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