Get Help with Low Back Pain in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great change on your body, this at times can cause tension and pain in areas especially the lower back. In this video Dr. Britt, chiropractor, goes through 4 exercises for low back relief in pregnancy.

What can cause more stress in the low back:

The following can increase the lordosis of the lumbar spine:

  • the weight of your growing baby and uterus
  • increase in the hormone relaxin which prepares the body for labour
  • shift of gravity forward from this increase in weight

The increase of your lower back curve to accommodate the load causes straining of the muscles which in turn can contribute to soreness, stiffness and pain.

4 Exercises to help relieve the burden in the low back:

 These are exercises are recommend to be performed daily. You don’t have to be suffering from low back pain to make them part of your daily routine. They are also great for keeping your muscles and ligaments free of tension so you can maintain good overall movement.

1.Gluteal stretch

Sitting on a chair with one leg crossed over and ankle resting on the lower knee. Gently hinge from the hip and as far as your pregnant belly allow, lean forward. You should feel a stretch in the same gluteal muscle that is elevated. Repeat both sides.

Hold stretch for up to1 minute each side. Aim to do twice daily

2. Cat/cow stretch

Have a mat or towel on the floor, so your knees are padded. Get into the all fours position and gently push your low back to the ceiling and feel the stretch in the low back. Next pull the belly button to the floor as you stretch the hip and pelvic area.

Take the movement slow and do over a 5 second timeframe. Perform 10 repetitions of each movement. Twice daily is recommended.

3. Hip flexor stretch/hip mobility 

With knees padded and holding onto a chair/couch for balance, bring one knee up. Lean into the knee on the ground by gently brining the pelvis forward. You should feel a stretch on the front of the hip.

Stretch each side up 1 minute and aim to do twice a day.

Hip mobility : Stand with feel shoulder width apart and slowly make a circle with your hips, 10 reps clockwise and 10 anti clockwise.

4. Quadratus Lumborum (QL) stretch

To stretch the sides of the lower back, stand at arm length from the wall and place hands on the wall to stretch the side away from the wall. This is a particularly helpful exercise in 4 exercises for LOW BACK relief in Pregnancy.

You can add this to your hip flexor stretch down on one knee or you can do this standing next to a wall or doorway. Hold 30 seconds and aim to do twice daily.



It’s important to mention that if you are experiencing chronic or persistent lower back pain during your pregnancy and stretching doesn’t seem to be helping, it’s highly recommended to seek care with a spinal health practitioner. This can be a sign of an issue with alignment, in which spinal care during pregnancy can be very helpful for a lot of women.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We always love to hear from you.

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Lisa, director