Could this be the Cause of your KNEE Pain?

If you suffer from unexplained knee pain, then this blog goes through a cause of knee pain that is often missed. We talk about pronated or flat feet and how this condition can cause knee pain and perhaps even hip and low back pain.

So stick around.

Firstly what exactly are flat feet (pronation)?

People with flat feet have a very low arch or no arch at all.  When the foot arch flattens on the ground, it creates a knock-off effect leading to misalignment of the lower body, including the knees. This pronation issue could be the cause of knee pain that is often. missed. 

What activities aggravate flat feet?

For some people this can be an issue that over time creates problems or can be something picked up during development. These changes can be quite noticeable for people when they start new physical activity such as running or go on long walks.

How could this be causing pain in your knees?

Loss of arch in your feet causes the shin and thigh bones to abnormally twist inwards, which adds stress on the knee joint and sometimes causing pain. This stress on the knees can result in patello-femoral tracking problems as the tendons and ligaments pull unevenly around the knee.

Not addressing the issue with the feet can increase the risk of injury. The impact on the knees is especially evident when playing sports or with high impact exercises. Walking can become sore and painful in more severe cases. Otherwise the pain come on during or after heavier exercise..

How can you fix this ? 

  • Addressing issues with the feet. Our office has the facilities to assess the three foot arches. This will help to determine if orthotics may be necessary.
  • Spinal care to look after the alignment in your low back, hips and knees.
  • Strengthening exercises for the knee as over time this issue can create a weakening of the supporting muscles.

Unsure whether you could have a loss of arch in your feet, check out our link below about the 5 Red Flags of Flat Feet. 

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Lisa, director