Chiropractors treat Neck Pain

If you suffer from neck pain, you may find it impacting your day in some way. It may affect your concentration, mood or even sleep. In this blog we go through how we, as chiropractors, help treat neck pain and stiffness.

One aspect of neck X-ray often missed:

The curve of the neck, is known as the cervical lordosis. The curve should sit forward at an angle of 40 degrees. A loss of neck curve if not addressed, will cause stress and strain on the neck and this can and often does, lead to stiffness, tension and eventually pain.

How does the neck curve become altered?

Changes in neck curve can be a result from many things such:

  • Motor vehicle and bicycle accidents, causing whiplash
  • Falls and knocks
  • Prolonged poor posture, whether sitting, standing or lying down
  • Arthritis

What is our aim when treating neck problems:

In our office, there are two things that we focus on when people come to us with neck pain and stiffness. Firstly, we assess how well the neck is moving and how well the neck is aligned. 

Determining how well neck is moving and aligned by checking:

  • Current health concern
  • Past medical history and evidence of accidents
  • Posture evaluation
  • Spinal joint function assessment
  • Recommend X-ray evaluation if needed

Treating loss of joint movement:

In our chiropractic office there are a few ways we help to increase the movement of those stiff (subluxated) joints. The different ways of treating stiff joints are available to us, as people have different body sizes, different medical history and different sensitivities to pain along with their particular issue.

We can use these treatment types:

  • Gentle manual adjusting
  • Activator instrument (low force)
  • Drop-piece table adjusting

Treating loss of curve:

With the help of Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) we use a mulit-modal approach to improving the loss of neck curve. This includes home Denneroll orthotic use, in office Denneroll traction, neuromuscular rehabilitation exercises and Pro-lordotic neck stretcher.

The Research:

CBP is the most researched area in spinal curve correction in the world. There are over 270 peer reviewed papers published that show what and how CBP treatment works. CLICK HERE for the Ideal Spine official CBP website. It will provide you with further information on how chiropractors treat neck pain. 


Lisa Smycz, chiropractor 

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