Does your Pillow Pass the Test?

The fact that we sleep for a quarter or a third of the day means that our sleep posture needs all the consideration it deserves. Getting our sleep and pillow posture sorted will support our spine and benefit our overall health. Does your pillow passes the test?  Are you ready for a good nights sleep?

Achieving a good neutral neck and spine alignment is the goal.

If the pillow is too high😒 then your neck will be tilted up. If pillow is too low😞 then your neck is tilted down. To achieve that lovely neutral spine, check that ear is over the shoulder when lying on the side or back.


  •  feather pillow
  • memory foam pillow
  • latex pillow
  • contoured pillow
  • bamboo pillow

Oh my! Too many choices. Now let’s hope the pillow passes the test. 

Here are a few things to consider;

  • preference of firm or softer pillow
  • matching height needs for your sleep posture and your body size ( a small framed lady will need a lower pillow than a taller bigger framed female)
  • allergies, some people are allergic to latex, so check what the pillow is made of
  • can a professional, or some one that is trained, properly fit your pillow. Good pillows can be expensive and you want to make sure you got the right one.
  • contoured pillows do support the neck better and as chiropractors, we highly recommend them

So much to consider when getting the best pillow for YOU. We take into consideration your preferred sleep posture, your pillow preference and what feels right. Therefore we stock a wide range range of pillows. Even the Denneroll Pillow!

Feel free to message us if you need help.

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