How Well is Your LOW BACK Moving?

Low back issues are one of the most common complaints we see in our chiropractic office. In this blog we share with you a simple way to check your own low back mobility, so you can find out if your low back mobility is 100%.

Follow the next steps to find out if your low back mobility is 100%

Get into the correct posture and find out if your low back mobility is 100%:

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  • Gently pull belly button to low back
  • Get in front of the mirror to give you more feedback

Now try these movements:

1.Flexion 90 degrees

Bend forward keeping legs straight. Can you touch your toes? If you can touch your toes then you have 90 of full flexion. When bending forward, do not hinge from the hips, you need to move from the low back.

2. Extension 30 degrees

While keeping your pelvis still, bend backwards. Can you extend 30 degrees

3. Rotation 30 degrees

Cross arms over chest and aim to keep pelvis still. Rotate to one  side and try not to rotate from the lower limbs. Notice how far you can see as you rotate one side then the other.

4. Side bending 20 degrees

Stand with arms by your side and lower to the side. Notice how far down the side of the leg your finger tips reach. Compare your movement on the other side.

Make a note:

It is important when checking your movement to not aggravate your spine. If anything hurts, stop and let your musculoskeletal expert know. 

Keep in mind the following:

  • Is any movement causing discomfort, pain or aggravation?
  • How does one side compare to the other when you are assessing side bending and rotation?

If you find your movements are restricted then try our exercises in our next video.

Lisa, chiropractor


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Lisa, chiropractor

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