Make Sourdough Bread at home with Dr. Lisa, chiropractor

Have you been wanting to learn how to make sourdough bread? Have the recipes looked too complicated and time consuming?  Dr. Lisa shows you, step by step how to make home sourdough bread at home. It’s not as hard as you think.

Dr. Lisa has been making sourdough bread, WHEAT FREE, for several years. She shows you her recipe in her kitchen at home. 

Basic recipe (one large loaf)

450g flour, of your choice, spelt, wheat, kamut etc

250ml filtered water

1 1/2 teaspoons of good quality salt

190g of active starter

Mix all ingredients into a ceramic or glass bowl. Dough should be a bit sticky, you may need to add a bit of water. Let sit for 20minutes covered with a ttowel. Wet knead in the bowl for a minute or two.

Let sit for 30minutes covered with a tea towel.

Tip onto floured surface and knead for a couple of minutes. Place back in bowel and cover loosely. Let proof for 4-6 hours depending on weather. Shape loaf and turn on over to maximum temperature. Turn on kettle.

Once oven is hot place a dish of hot water from the kettle into oven when you place bread into oven. The water will add moisture to your bread and not allow it to dry out.

Bake in hot oven for 15 minutes or so, watching so it doesn’t burn. Each oven is different, so keep an eye on it. Reduce oven to 210 degrees celsius and cook for another 20-30minutes. The bread is ready when you tap it and it produces a hollow sound. If you shape the bread into a round loaf, then this will require more cooking time than a load that is elongated. To make a sandwich loaf, then you can place the dough in a sandwich tin. After half an hour of cooking take the bread out of the tin and allow to cook a further 20 minutes or until fully cooked. 

Any questions, please message me.

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