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Scoliosis is a progressive condition where there is a side curve of the spine in either a C shaped (1 bend) or S shaped (2 bends). In this blog, we will be going through the signs to look for if you or someone in your family thinks they may have a scoliosis and we will be sharing a great app you can use to check your family.

Beware (disclaimer) 

If you feel that someone in your family may have a scoliosis, then the Scoliscreen app can be used as a screening tool, it is really important you get them checked by a qualified health professional. For a full diagnosis of scoliosis, we need to assess the spine via a set of x-rays to measure the angle of the abnormal lateral curvature in order to provide the appropriate treatment.

What is Scoliscreen?

Scoliscreen is a free web screening tool assessing the signs of scoliosis, designed to help promote awareness around scoliosis and emphasise the importance of early detection and treatment.


What are the signs to look out for?

For this screening assessment, stand behind the person you are assessing, ideally with their back exposed or if a female, wearing a bra.

  • Do their shoulders look uneven? Is one shoulder higher than the other?
  • Does one shoulder blade stick out more than the other?
  • Do their hips or waist look uneven? Is one hip higher than the other?
  • Can you see a bend in the spine? Is it S or C shaped?
  • Have the person bend forward slightly.
  • Is there an obvious hump or bump on one side of their rib cage?
  • Can you see an obvious hump or bump on one side of their lower back?
  • Family history of scoliosis?
  • Are you checking a male or female?

Monitoring is important:

It is important to monitor any signs of scoliosis as the abnormal curve can progress and worsen over time. This is particularly true for those in adolescence or women experiencing menopause.

If the risk is mild, then it is recommended to re-check the person in four weeks time. If the risk is moderate or higher, then consult your local musculoskeletal expert for a full assessment and x-rays for diagnosis.

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