Has your CHILD had a SCHOOL BAG CHECK lately?

As children return to school this year it is important for parents to look at the quality and fit of their child’s backpack. Heavy and badly fitted backpacks can lead to spinal health problems as a child grows.

Spinal health is important at any age but especially for children. Poor spinal health can be due to a number of factors but heavy and incorrectly worn bags may lead to pain, poor posture, slouching or uneven hips creating long term spinal issues.

What to look for when buying a backpack:

  • Make sure the right size – no wider than their chest and below the hollow of their back
  • A moulded frame on the back – when adjusted fits their spine
  • Light weight material – 2 padded straps
  • Adjustable waist and sternum straps
  • Separate compartments that allow easy packing and weight distribution

5 things to be aware of when fitting your child’s backpack

1. Ensure weight of the backpack is no more than 10% of your child’s weight when packed. Only pack the essentials

2. Pack heaviest items closest to the spine – make sure all zippers done up

3. Secure the sternum and waist straps

4. Always wear both straps

5. Make the bag doesn’t hang any lower than the back – the bag should not be hitting your child’s bottom.

It is also important to reduce time spent wearing backpack – no longer than 30 minutes at a time

We can provide advice and assistance on selecting the right backpack and making sure its fitted correctly to suit your child’s current level of development.

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Or for more information check out our video which gives you information on how to assess and fit your child’s backpack.