3 things for you to check when sitting

If you have low back issues or you wish to look after your spinal health, then this blog can help. If you wish to avoid these 3 things when sitting, then gaining awareness is a start. These factors are simple, but quite often missed when it comes to helping or preventing low back issues.

Avoid these

1. Wallet in back pocket

Remove wallet or phone from back pocket when sitting. Whether you are sitting in a car, at a desk or at table are all – remember to place the wallet or phone in another pocket or a bag.

2. Crossing legs

If you find you cross your legs when sitting, then try and cross at the ankles. Most people that do cross at the hips don’t even realise they are doing it, it’s a habit. Spend a day focussing on sitting without crossing, it takes time and effort to get rid of any habit.

3. Slouching

How often do you sit down in a day? If you find you’re slouching, aim to bring your low back and pelvis to the back of the chair. Aligning the shoulders over the hips is crucial in maintaining spinal health and minimising spinal stress.

Why should you avoid the above?

Balance and symmetry is important in the low back and pelvis. Any of the postures and activities, such as the ones above, create imbalance and undue stress. When this occurs then muscles, joints, tendons and nerves can get inflamed and possible results in pain and discomfort.

Increase your awareness:

You may find that postures or activities that aggravate a low back issue are purely habits. This requires firstly awareness. Start with aiming to avoid these 3 things when sitting, and over time, you can kick these poor postural habits.

Lisa Smycz, chiropractor 

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