Chiropractors are not real Doctors – Debunking this myth

This can be a comment we hear people say about Chiropractors, and it is far from the truth.  Today we are going to debunk this common misconception and tell you why chiropractors are classified as Doctors.

A 5 year Degree

In Australia Chiropractors study at University for a 5 year degree and we are classified as a primary health care providers. Our profession is regulated under AHPRA as are medical doctors, dentists and physiotherapists and other health professionals. AHPRA stands for Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency.

We are given the title Doctor with the degree which is an honorary title. We are Doctors of chiropractic and  when we call ourselves doctors we need to clarify that we are chiropractors. 

What we learn, hands on and science

Chiropractors study in depth anatomy, physiology and pathology at university. They have 2 years of hands on training and experience in student clinic through practical placement.

A large part of our focus is learning the skills to assess and diagnose musculoskeletal conditions. Our training allows us to recognise medical conditions and refer patients to the appropriate practitioner when appropriate.

Continuing our learning

With research in health care constantly being updated it is important that chiropractors keep up. Chiropractors must maintain a certain level of continuing education. Many practitioners have a special area of interest that they feel will add value to the patient base. Such areas include pediatrics, pregnancy, sports etc, which do require further training and expertise.

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Lisa, director


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