Chiropractors do not Manually Adjust Babies

This is a common misconception when it comes to chiropractic treatment we provide babies and children and its completely untrue. There is absolutely no manual adjusting in babies and toddlers. Chiropractors do not manually adjust babies. 

All our treatment recommendations and techniques are gentle, as is the assessment of the newborn baby.

How we adjust babies and young children:

Our treatment for babies is very gentle, where we gently hold points in the spine that are locked or subluxated. This is usually done using a light hold/release technique as we unwind and stretch the spine, as well as  specific cranial work.

When chiropractors work with babies we explain to parents the amount of pressure we use is the amount of pressure we can withstand on our eyeball.

Our aim:

The main aim in the care we provide babies and children is to make sure their spine and nervous system is moving freely.  As babies start moving around then falls can often occur, off beds, change tables. If these falls occur, then parents may wish to have their little ones spines checked.

Treatment options for older children:

As children get older we may use an instrument called an activator to adjust their spine. The activator helps to deliver specific movement to any restricted areas in their spines. Most of the kids love the activator – they call it the clicker. 

What we find in our practice is that children don’t mind getting spinal checks, as long as explain to the children as well as the parents our treatment.

If you have any questions about any aspect of chiropractic care for your baby or child, please contact us. We love to help.

Britt and Lisa


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