Walk with Purpose

Considerations while WALKING.

In today’s video we go through a few important areas to consider when walking 🚶‍♂️, when it comes to your spine. It’s sounds strange to tell you how to walk, considering you’re been walking since you were about 1 year old.

When was the last time you watched yourself walk and do you ever think about how you are walking? Do you think old injuries may cause you to change your gait (fancy word for walking style) and that may have become a habit, even after the injury to ankle, knee, hip or back has healed?

Maybe. So let’s spend today focussing on your gait and looking at different aspects of walking to improve your stance and reduce stress on your body.

Things you could consider;

  1. What are you carrying? Hand bag or back pack on one side is not good for balance and symmetry, so consider using a back pack that is properly fitted on both shoulders. Use the straps across waist and chest if the bag comes with them, ensuring even weight distribution and pack heavier items close to your spine. A comfortable bag will assist you in walking more often and walk with purpose.
  2. Engage core. Remember the ‘Grandma underwear’ that you tighten up in all directions. Gentle pulling into the centre of your abdomen will help to stabilise your low back.
  3. Elongate your spine. Imagine a hook in your sternum and a helium balloon 🎈 attached, gently pulling you up so you can stand tall.
  4. Stride out. Not quite Faulty Towers style!! But swinging arms and stretching out hips is great to invigorate you. Pick up the pace for a more aerobic work out.
  5. Wear appropriate footwear. Look down and check you have good, supportive shoes on. Keep a pair of runners at work if you don’t wear runners to work and slip them on when you get out for your walk. Check that the soles are wearing evenly.


Any questions, please comment below or private message us.  You could get someone you know to film you walking and see if you notice anything odd!

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Let us know if you have tried the above and discovered something worth sharing.

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