Easy ways to Engage your CORE

Here is an interesting way to remember to engage your core during the day. Pretend you have Grandma underwear on and gently tighten them up a couple of sizes. By tightening up from front to back, from side to side and from the underneath up, you will gently engage your core. Your core is vital for a strong and stable spine and we are going through several easy ways to engage your core doing regular daily activities.

So tighten up those Grandma underwear when you are;

  • getting onto a chair
  • getting off a chair
  • vacuuming
  • picking up children
  • picking up shopping
  • emptying the dishwasher
  • making the bed

What ever else you do today, then remember to engage your CORE – it’s easy once you get into the routine. It all starts with awareness and soon enough you will feel the benefits of a stronger core.

How will you benefit from engaging your core?

A strong 💪 core will help with;

  • improving spinal health
  • improved posture
  • an increase in body awareness
  • reduction in low back injuries
  • reduction stress/ strains and possibly pain in your neck, shoulders and low back

So the 3 things we all need to have a super healthy spine are;

  1. Ideal spinal alignment
  2. Proper Spinal joint movement
  3. Strong core muscles around the spine

So a strong core is VITAL for a better looking, healthier spine, helping you to stand taller, feel stronger and reduce the likelihood of back injuries that a weak core might endure.  

If you have trouble engaging your core, then message us and we will help. If you wish to strengthen your squat and improve your technique, then CLICK HERE. To increase your ability to stretch and strengthen overall, then CLICK HERE. 

Let us know what easy or challenging this is for you!

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