There tends to be confusion at times whether a headache is a migraine or a bad tension headache. In this blog we are going to talk about 5 signs that will help you understand more about the difference between a tension headache and a migraine. 

Here are 5 differences:

  1. Migraines tend to be moderate to severe pain. Tension headaches can still be quite a severe pain but they tend to not be as debilitating as migraine. 
  2. Migraines tend to have nausea/vomiting associated.
  3. They can also have an aura linked to them. Which consists of visual and auditory changes. Migraines often require you to be locked away in a dark room and can also cause a lot of fatigue in the days after. 
  4. Tension headaches don’t tend to have neurological symptoms associated with them.
  5. Tension headaches can have varying presentations, with the pain varying from mild to sharp. These headaches are commonly due to stress, stiffness in the neck joints, poor prolonged posture dehydration. 

It’s important to distinguish what type of headache you are suffering from and from there, find ways to reduce the symptoms. 

Headaches can also be a warning sign for other health conditions. Especially if you don’t normally suffer from headaches – make sure you seek medical advice if you feel your headache doesn’t fit either a migraine or tension headache.

Headaches and migraines shouldn’t be a normal everyday thing for you to suffer from and there are things you can do to help. 


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