4 Common mistakes with Home Office set ups

With most of Melbourne working or studying from home it’s important that we look at making our home office set up as ergonomic as possible. In this blog we talk about the 4 most common mistakes with home office set ups.

For most people the transition from office to home was sudden which didn’t allow them to bring home office equipment. 

More Neck and Low Back Pain?

If you are suffering more with neck and back pain then spending some time on the desk set up is a great idea. In our office we are seeing more people coming in with back and neck problems due to these mistakes with home office set ups.  Most of these problems can be prevented by looking at a good desk set up and making the bet of what you have to work with at home.

4 common mistakes when people working from home:

  1. Working from a laptop.
  2. Computer Monitor/ laptop screen positioned too low. 
  3. Sitting on a dining chair / kitchen chair and not a supportive office chair. 
  4. Working from the couch or bed. 

Ultimately regardless of how ergonomic your home work station is, it’s vital to be moving regularly. 

Set a reminder to stand up every 30minutes, just enough to change your posture and take pressure off your spine. Then every 1-2 hrs go for a walk away from your desk. 

If you’re listening to this and feel you need help in fixing your home work station then comment down below or send us a private message. 

We are always here to help and love to hear from you guys 😊

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We always love to help 😊

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