Are you ticking the posture boxes?

As you look around at any given time, people are more and more on their phones. Whether at work, walking, or on public transport, lots are looking down. With phone use going up, this video is looking to ask one question – do you pass the phone posture test?

1. Keeping a neutral spine

When we are sitting or standing on the phone, it is important to keep the head in alignment with the shoulders. The ear should sit over the mid point of the shoulders and if the head is sitting forward then there is undue strain on the neck/upper back and shoulders.

The greater the bend the greater the strain. The transfer of load to the neck is as follows with changes in head alignment as you are looking down:

  • At 15 degrees, the head weighs 12.3 kilograms
  •  30 degrees, it increases to 18.2 kilograms
  •  45 degrees, it weighs 22.3 kilograms
  •  60 degrees, it exerts a force of 27.3 kilograms

Try the following to improve:

  • Keep your phone at eye level by bringing your phone up to your eyes.
  • Limit your time on the phone. Try using ear phones.
  • Use a desk top when possible instead of the phone

2. How long do you spend on your phone?

Phones are great for listening to music or podcasts, watching videos, scrolling through social media or reading emails. The longer you spend on your, the greater the possibility of your posture being effected.

Try the following to improve:

  • Aim to keep track of how long you are spending on your phone and try and reduce it
  • Focus on posture as you are on the phone

3. Maintain Shoulder posture

As people look down on their phones, what also tends to happen is that the shoulders roll forward. This can cause tension in, not just the shoulders, but also the neck and upper back.

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Lisa Smycz, chiropractor 

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