This question of how often should you should see a chiropractor, is very much dependent on the individual. There are several factors we take into consideration when answering this question.

Care level determinants

Before we work out a treatment plan and start care we need to thoroughly assess the patient. In the first visit we take a medical history, assess the spine and nerve system and if refer out for Xrays if required..

This information helps us all the pieces of the puzzle to work out :

  • If chiropractic care can help
  • What spinal issues are present
  • Management plan best suited to improve the problem

Schedule of treatment

The schedule of treatment is dependent on:

  • Length of time the pain has been present
  • Treatment options available
  • Compliance

Usually we like to see patients more at the start of their care to assist and encourage healing. Initially, frequency of care is higher as the spine requires retraining, just like braces on teeth. To improve abnormal spinal movement and alignment the spine needs retraining. The longer the spine has been stuck in one position the more work is needed to create change.

So it’s important to see you regularly at the start to get your body out of the current cycle and train it to hold better alignment.

Treatment plan changes

Treatment frequency is constantly under review. Once the initial treatment goals are met, we then re-evaluate the patients spine and decide on what further improvements the patient and chiropractor need to work on.

Once a patient finishes a treatment plan we find people come in on a need to basis. Life stresses continue and when the spine feels out of alignment and pain is present, then people call up and come in for some further care.

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