In our office we see many people coming in with tension type headaches. These are the majority of headaches that we see. Our evaluation rules out any sinister cause of the, however most people present with the classic ‘TENSION HEADACHE’.

Their posture often look like this:

  •  head position is in front of shoulders (‘forward head posture’)
  •  tilting of the head back
  • flexing or bending of the upper body
  • rounding of the shoulders

This poor posture that is maintained over a prolonged period of time is many times missed and not addressed. These people may find that the problem with the headaches keeps recurring and feel that it is linked with their posture. When they are away from the desk the headaches seem to improve.

The headaches in people with this forward head posture can be due to the pulling of the tight shoulder muscles, (trapezius) on the back of the skull and also because of the tension in the sub occipital muscles at the back of the skull. The headache is mostly felt at the back of the skull and can be referred to the forehead.

If the whole upper body is involved it is called a ‘proximal cross syndrome’ and this will add further layers to the already exisiting problem. The muscles at the front of the neck fatigue and then get weak. As do the muscles in between the shoulder blades. If this is the case with your particular problem then go to our website for some help.

As chiropractors we address the postural imbalances and any mechanical imbalances that may arise because of poor posture. This allows us to get good results most times. It does require the person to do some work at home to assist in the rehabilitation.

If you need help with your posture and feel that your headaches may be posture related, then call us on:

9329 1118 for an evaluation.