Find yourself getting close to dinner and thinking ‘What’s for dinner’?’

The key ingredient to eating healthy is planning. This is often the number 1 reason that stops people from eating healthy. We have out lined four things that you can start on straight away to address this issue and get you and the family on a healthier eating path.

Whether it’s just too time consuming or you have run out of ideas on what to cook – a lot of time we hear from people that meal planning is the  number 1 reason that affects their ability to eat healthy during the week.

So today we are going to chat about some key tips to help you incorporate meal planning into your routine.

Here is where you can start your journey to eating healthy:

  1. Make a list of easy dinner meals. get out old recipe books or scan the internet for Ideas when you have a spare moment.
  2. Plan out meals for the week ahead. This is super important to create a weekly eating routine.
  3. Shopping list- never go to the supermarket without a list. Our Groceries is a great App to help organise shopping list and meals . You and your family members can add to the app, input the meals for the week ahead and make sure you have all the ingredients written down for when you do the shop. Spend some time meal prepping, organise some meals in advance.
  4. And always go to the supermarket on a full stomach. When your stomach is full you will stick to your shopping list and not make unnecessary purchases.


I hope this has been a good reminder on how important meal planning is to keeping a healthy routine when it comes to food, but also how simple it can be.

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Lisa, director