Once you start Seeing a Chiropractor you have to go for Life – Debunking this myth

How many of you have heard this? I have heard this dozens of times over my career and it is important as a chiropractor to chat about this myth. When you start seeing a chiropractor you definitely don’t need to go for life.

Why do people think that care is life long?

When people have spinal issues that we can help with in our office then we set aside time for us to explain the following:

  • What the problem is. With some people we take X-rays and so we go through the X-ray findings as well as the examination results.
  • How long ago the problem may have started. If the problem has been present for several months or worse still, years, then correcting the issue may take time. We also take into consideration the health state of the person, their level of commitment to home advice.
  • What the treatment options are. People are told that they options. Firstly they have the option of doing nothing and walking away. The next option is to relieve pain and correct their postural deficiencies so they can achieve their lifestyle goals.
  • How long each treatment option may take. The more chronic in nature the problem is the longer it may take to resolve. Regular re-examinations help us determine how well they are progressing and they are getting to the treatment goals.
  • The cost involved
  • Our expectations, such as exercises and postural recommendations

Once we have made our recommendations for care and the person has agreed to the aspects of care, we then explain that we have treatment goals and that periodically retesting is done.

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