How often do you wish a Chiropractor and Personal Trainer could do a simple exercise program you could take away on holidays with you?

We have a 5 Minute Exercise Program for you to do on holidays

Well we have just that for you. Dr. Lisa, chiropractor and Phil from Jetts Gym in Coburg, have designed a program that can be 5 minutes long or 20 minutes long.

Easy enough for the whole family to do when away on holidays. You can do these exercises on the beach, park or in the back garden. The only piece of equipment you need is an exercise band, such as a Thera-band.

The program includes:

1. Mobility exercises

2. Suggestions to increase heart rate, including a low impact and a high impact versions

3. Pulling and pushing exercises

4. Squat variations, depending on your level of fitness

Start off with a warm up, and that may be a walk to the park or a jog along the beach for a couple of minutes. Then Phil goes through some stretches, which include a 90-90 hip stretch, gluteal stretch and a pectoral stretch. Next you can start getting your heart rate up. The high impact version includes doing one of the following for a few minutes: star jumps, body weight squats, high knees. The low impact version can include: superman lunges and body weight lunges.

Next level is the circuit which includes 5 components, a leg exercise, a hinging exercise a pull and a pull exercise and an abdominal exercise. These you can perform once or perform a few times to increase the length of your workout.

Please make sure you don’t do any exercises in the video if you have a current injury or an exercise is painful.

Give this 5 minute holiday exercise program a go..

You may want to click here and check out the Straighten up Australia App and if you want to learn more about What Ideal Posture should look like then click here.

Dr. Lisa Smycz, chiropractor

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