Travelling shouldn’t be a pain in the neck!

Has it happened to you where you travel, whether on holidays or work or whatever reason and you wish you had your own pillow? I’m sure it has happened to many of us. Often it is not possible to bring your own pillow from home, as space may be limited.

A Great Solution.

At Errol Street Chiropractic we have a wonderful suggestion that has helped many people travel more comfortably. If your pillow is not suitable then it can often mean:

  • Restless night sleep
  •  Minimal sleep
  •  Tired during the day
  • Possible stiff neck, plus or minus neck pain
  •  Possible headache for you and others if you are grumpy!
  •  Ruined holiday 
  •  Less productive day if working
  •  Lack of concentration due to lack of sleep

We have found the “Flexipillow”. This pillow is a memory pillow that rolls tightly into a small tube. It is so compact that it is super easy to pop into a suitcase or even into an overnight bag. If you still do not have room, you can carry it by it’s handle. No more excuses when you are travelling. We even sourced a waterproof pillow protector that fits perfectly and that has such a smooth cover you can use it as a pillow case too. Keeping your pillow clean and slobber free. Dust mites can’t get in! 

How To Use This Travel Pillow.

If you are average in height and sleep on your side, you can use the high side. As I do – check out the video. If you are a back sleeper then try the low side of the pillow.

If you are tall then I suggest you fold a towel in four and place it under the pillow. Then use as above, high side if a side sleeper and low side if a back sleeper.

If you would like more information or would like to purchase a pillow please call us on 9329 1118.