Scott, our  Remedial Massage Therapist at Errol Street Chiropractic Centre in North Melbourne is going through some simple stretches that can be done for the glute muscles.

These stretches will help anyone who feels tension in their gluteal area, or their ‘seat area’, or has pain in the glutes. Excellent for those who are sitting for long periods of time or have overworked their legs exercising.

  1. Seated cross legged: This stretch is done while seated, to do this you cross one leg over the other. Bring both hands to grab hold of the top knee bringing the opposite shoulder towards the knee. Hold for 30 seconds each side.
  2. Seated Pigeon: Another stretch that can be done for the lower back and glutes while seated. Bring one ankle and rest it just above the knee on the opposite leg. You can use your arm to take the knee further away from the chest further into external rotation. Hold for 30 seconds.
  3. Pretzel stretch (Not shown in video): This stretch is similar to the seated pigeon but you are lying on your back. Bring the ankle of the side you are stretching above the knee of the opposite leg. Grab hold of the leg that the ankle is resting on and bring it towards your chest. Hold for 20 seconds each side.

PLEASE NOTE: As with all stretches these shouldn’t cause any pain, and if you’re feeling pain you should stop stretching immediately.