The ‘YMCA’ for Mid and Upper Back Strengthening :Mobility Month Wk 2 Task 3

If you feel stiff and/or sore in the mid or upper back, then try our ‘YMCA’ for Mid and Upper Back Strengthening. The first task this week was checking in with your general range of movement in your thoracic spine/chest. The second task was going through some stretches.

All you need is a Theraband or a similar exercise band.

Start with a warm up

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and gently pull belly button to low back. With band in both hands place arms over head and bring band behind your head a 3-4  times, then in front of your head 3-4 times. Then do some gently side bends, 3-4 times per side and finish with some thoracic rotations.

The YMCA or mid and upper back strengthening

  • “Y” pull apart

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and gently pull belly button to low back. With some tension in the band, bring arms overhead and pull apart the band. Keep shoulders down. Repeat 10 times.

  • “M” pull apart

Bracing core, have arms straight by your side. With tension in the band, pull the band apart in front of your thighs. Repeat 10 times.

  • “C” pull down

Start with tension in band while arms are overhead. As you gently bend to one side, pull the band to the floor with the low hand. Repeat on the other side and do 5 repetitions both sides.

  • “A” pull down

Have arms over head and tension in the band. Pull your arms down, trying to get your arms horizontal with the ground, forearms at right angles. Keep shoulder blades down. Repeat 10 times.

If any of these exercises cause any pain, please stop and see your local musculoskeletal expert.


If you haven’t checked in with your thoracic mobility then CLICK HERE to check out how you can do that.  Find out how to stretch your mid and upper back, CLICK HERE.

Lisa, chiropractor

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