Scott, our Remedial Massage Therapist at Errol Street Chiropractic Centre in North Melbourne is going to go through some exercises to help with strengthening the calf muscles.

This blog will focus on exercises that can help strengthen the calf muscles. This will continue from the last blog that went through some stretches to help with shin pain. These exercises will help with balance, stability and strength of the calves.

  1. Heel Raise: Standing up onto the balls of your feet and hold. Slowly lower the heels back to the ground. To make this exercise more challenging then do on one leg at a time or hold a weight in each hand. Change the angle of your toes to target different parts of the calf. Two sets of ten.
  2.  Toe Raise; raising the toes of your feet up of off the ground and hold. Slowly lowering them down. Made harder by doing single leg. Two sets of ten.
  3.  Toe and Heel Raise: Both exercises done at the same time. Standing up onto the balls of your feet holding then going back to feet flat and then raising the toes and standing on the heels. Two sets of ten.

PLEASE NOTE: If these exercises are causing pain, stop and consult a practitioner. Ensure to warm up before doing any exercise.