5 movements a Healthy Spine should be able to do 

Our daily activities such as sitting at our desk in the office, manual labour or even just our daily exercise can put our spine under tension and strain. When there are changes in our spinal alignment or areas that are under tension this impacts our spinal mobility. Overtime this starts to create degenerative changes.

 The following movements listed are vital for a healthy spine. If your spine is healthy and aligned then you should be able to do these movements. If you find any of these movements restrictive or uncomfortable then it’s important to have your spine checked by a chiropractor.

1.Bend forward

Can you touch your toes? Keep your legs straight. You should be able to touch your toes.

2.Side bend

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, relax your arms by your side and then bend to one side.

See how far your hand can go down the outside of your leg. You should be able to get past your knees. 

3.Mid back and shoulder extension

 Stand with feet shoulder width apart, against the wall. With this movement you want to be able to bring your arms up and still be able to have your back touching the wall. This also looks at your shoulder alignment.

 4.Neck rotation

You should be able to turn your head side to side. Look over to each shoulder. 90 degrees is ideal

 5.Neck lateral flexion

You should be able to bring your ear down to your shoulder. 40 degrees is ideal

These 2 neck movements are very important for a healthy neck and spine.

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