The Chiropractic Association of Australia (ACA) has a free app called ‘Straighten up Australia’

It has great features that help you get up and moving in your day. Wonderful for those sitting at a desk at work or studying. Features include:

  1. Reminders

You can set reminders to get up and move. You are able to adjust the frequency, time range and days you would like these reminders.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Point your camera to the AR image in the ACA brochure or postcard and the image comes to life, it literally ‘pops’ out of the page. The images are of different postures that we may assume in the day such as:

  • sitting at the desk
  • sleeping
  • gardening
  • carrying a back pack
  • standing and looking at phone

The app allows you to tap ‘poor posture’ to see what that looks like and then you can tap ‘good posture’ and you can see the difference between the two. You can tap to see what the spine is doing during good and back postures.

3. Exercises

This 3 minute exercise program can be done during break times in your work day. No need to get gym clothes on, just get up and start moving. Helps to improve spinal health, stabilise core muscles and enhance health. Check with your chiropractor before starting. Any problems, stop and let them know.

4. Health blogs

In the news feed there are numerous health related articles and health news. 

5. Find your local Chiropractor

This part helps you locate a chiropractor near you.