DON’T suffer these Holidays

Holidays should be full of fun and adventure and not low back pain. Follow these 5 simple tips to save your low back this holiday season.

1.Sitting and travelling

Use a cushion: If you are travelling by car, plane, or coach these holidays, then the number one tip is to maintain a neutral curve in the low back. Have a thin cushion or a towel in the small of your low back. This will help to maintain a normal forward curve and minimise the load on the joints and nerves in the low back.

Get up often: Regular walk and stretch breaks every 60-90 minutes is important to factor in to your trip. 

2. Exercise

We are often so tired, physically and emotionally by the time the holidays arrive. Indulging in food and drink can then make us feel more tired and thinking about exercising doesn’t often appeal to our holiday ‘mode’.

So plan ahead:

  •  Go for a walk or a bike ride before a big lunch or dinner
  • Have a mini exercise routine you can do at home. Many of us have our ‘lockdown’ routines memorised.
  • Do an online yoga class to make sure you are stretching and working on the core. Strong core muscles are vital in supporting the low back. Squatting in the kitchen or planking in the dining room are two ways you can easily  include some core work in your day.
  • Watch out for our on line 15 minute all round family exercise holiday routine

3. Include periods of minimising inflammatory foods & drinks.

Overeating and drinking can create inflammation in the body. This can aggravate a low back condition, especially when combined with extended periods of sitting.

Try this: Frequent parties and get togethers can mean more eating and drinking. If you are having a big lunch or dinner you can try fasting for the day and only drink water alone or have some green vegetables for 4-5 hours. Keep your water intake up and if you are drinking alcohol at a function, aim to drink a glass of water after each alcoholic beverage.

4. Don’t fall asleep on the couch

Staying up later, perhaps more alcohol can mean people fall asleep on the couch. This can aggravate the low back if neutral posture is not maintained, so to bed when feeling tired and save you low back.

5. Avoid excessive twisting

Too much twisting can cause a low back problem to flair up – be mindful of:

  • Packing up and unpacking the car for a trip
  • Picking up grandchildren/nephews/nieces
  • Speaking to people at an event. Turn your chair to face people and don’t twist.
  • Putting shopping into and taking shopping out of the book
  • Taking down the Christmas tree and decorations.


If you have any questions on how you can save your low back these holidays then please, call us or leave us a message.

Click here to try this 20 minute holiday exercise program for the whole family. For a 5 minute core activation video Click Here.

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