Severe Mid Back Pain? What is causing it?

During periods of increase sitting, as in travelling, sitting for prolonged periods of pain, we see people experiencing back pain. Some with severe pain that is around the front and back of the spine. Especially during this present lockdown period, more people are presenting to the practice with acute rib pain. Often they are not aware the the back pain is coming from ribs being out of alignment. 

We will address:

  • what symptoms you will experience if your ribs are out of alignment
  • possible causes and
  • what you can do to avoid aggravation to your ribs. 

1.What will you experience if your ribs are out of alignment? The 3 signs

  • Trouble taking a full breath in
  • Pain around shoulder blades
  • Pain can refer to the front of the chest.

When the pain refers to the front of the chest it can be a worry for people that there may be heart involvement. Instead the pain is coming from ribs that are misaligned. Note what side the pain is on, any trauma that is associated and any other health factors. It’s important to be diligent and see your doctor if there is any reason for concern that it may be something more sinister than rib pain.

2.Causes of rib pain

  •  Sitting in awkward positions at your desk. Important to make sure that when you’re working at a desk to have everything in front of you so you aren’t twisting and moving awkwardly as this is quite aggravating for the rib cage.
  • Twisting movements that catch your body off guard. When you are moving- especially turning its important to make sure you turn your whole body and not twist at your torso. Take the time to make sure your body is aligned before you lift something or bend over also. 
  • Picking up children or objects from awkward positions. If you have small children that you are constantly picking up, try to take care and make sure you are picking them up front so your weight is evenly distributed. This also applies to picking up awkward sized objects.
  • Severe coughs from bad colds or flus can sometimes cause rib pain.

3.Getting Help

If you are experiencing pain similar to the symptoms of rib pain described then we advise that you seek advice from a spinal health practitioner. 

Or if you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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