What could be causing your teenager’s rounded posture?

In some young people there can be more than just poor posture causing these teenager’s rounded shoulders. Scheuermann’s disease is a condition that can cause an increase in the mid back curve. If you are a parent that is sick of hearing your self say to your children to ‘sit up’, then please read on. 

We are going through :

  • What Scheuermann’s disease is
  • How prevalent it is
  • Best way to diagnose and
  • What you can do about it if your teenager has it

What is Scheuermann’s and who does it effect; Scheuermann’s disease is an increased rounding of the thoracic posture of the spine. It commonly leads to slouching posture. It has a tendency to run in families and mostly develops in adolescence, between the age of 10-15 years, more common in boys.

 Diagnosis: The best way to diagnose Scheuermann’s disease is with X-ray’s to assess spinal curvature but if you are unsure if your teenager’s rounded shoulders may need an assessment. There is a screening test you can do at home. It will give you an idea if Scheuermann’s is a possibility.

Simple home indicator of Scheuermann’s: Get your teenager to stand up straight and then bend forward and touch their toes. You should assess from the side and look at what their upper back is doing when they move. If there is a noticeable hump across their mid back when the bend forward then that warrants further assessment with a spinal health practitioner.

 My child has Scheuermann’s, what can I do as a parent to help them: If your teenager is diagnosed with Scheuermann’s, it’s important for them to make postural changes, like sitting and standing up straight. A well moving spine will help to keep your teen active.  If they feel pain or stiffness in their back, then seeing someone to loosen those stiff spinal joints and improve flexibility is an option. Encouraging an active lifestyle for your teenager is important, including regular exercise and stretching

If you feel your teenager may have Scheuermann’s disease then please contact us. We are happy to do an assessment or if you’d like further information, we would be happy to help. Feel free to contact us. 

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